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Welcome to Optimal Consulting


Optimal Consulting is an engineering design consultancy working across a number of sectors, with expertise in mechanical, structural, and Architectural design.

Our experience working on a diverse range of projects and applications, as well as our ability to employ different engineering techniques such as 3D modelling, Finite Element Analysis and CFD enables us to assist a broad spectrum of clients in a number of different ways. Our clients include consultants, contractors and manufacturers as well as private companies and individuals.

We believe in taking engineering design back to basics. "A picture speaks a thousand words" and from an early stage in a project, we start to draw. This enables us to understand the problem and issues quickly, developing working concepts early in the project, ensuring that proposed solutions are practical and achievable. This enables our clients to visualise the solution from an early stage and be more involved in the design process.

This approach also means that we consider all aspects of the design from the outset, producing an integrated system design, including the mechanical, structural, hydraulic, electrical and control requirements. This is only possible due to the diverse experience we have within the company.

We are then able to take this design and convert it into detailed manufacturing drawings. This ensures that the design is correctly translated into the final product and that it meets our clients' expectations and requirements. This can significantly reduce the risk for our clients, as well as removing the need for potentially costly specialist sub-contractors.

Our site installation experience enables us to understand the potential problems of site work and how the design can make the difference between a simple job and a complicated one. We address these issues from an early stage in the design process to minimise problems during installation. This installation experience, as well as experience commissioning hydraulic and electrical control systems, means we are well placed to offer assistance during installation if required.

One of the main founding principles behind Optimal Consulting is to work across a wide range of sectors, moving structures and bespoke machinery. This facilitates a cross fertilisation of ideas from one sector. The advantages of this are passed on to our clients, ensuring the most suitable design solution is developed for each specific project.

We believe in building good working relationships with our clients, delivering projects as well as peace of mind. We aim to be the first point of call for both our existing and new clients.

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